Years ago, my father said to me, “I will never tell you what area of work you should be in but l see you working with people, having an impact on people’s lives.” My father set this example in his life by living his life in service to others. I didn’t understand at the time how correct he was so when he passed away I decided I needed to do something to honour him. I started Connect1 Consulting to pass along this gift my father gave to me. The gift of the importance of connecting with others and being good to one another.

My name is Gord Fansher. I am the founder and CEO of Connect1 Consulting, an organization focused on helping people make meaningful connections in their professional lives. I am an established and well-known Job and Business Developer in London, Ontario with over 30 years of experience in a variety of businesses and organizations. I’ve spent this time developing and refining the techniques required to be a successful networker. These techniques are unique and proven to provide you with the skills required to build a huge network that will first benefit and change your life and secondly launch your business and accelerate your growth.

I have a personal interest in sharing this information with others because I know first-hand how the power of building a huge network through the techniques I’ve developed has had a positive impact on my own life and the lives of those that have used these same techniques to build and change their lives.